Flat Peach

Flat Peach are an excellent source of vitamin A and C. They also contain 50% of the daily-recommended quantity of vitamin A (carotene) and 10%of vitamin C by unit. Flat Peach are fat and cholesterol free. They are very rich in potassium, also containing small amounts of magnesium and iodine.


Flat Peach have a positive influence over stomach cancer protection and can even prevent anxiety and stress.


Flat Peach is a climacteric fruit (it ripens after harvest) and we, therefore, recommend to keep the fruit refrigerated and consume it at room temperature. This is very important as you can decide how to eat the fruit, firm and crunchy or soft and juicy. By simply leaving it at room temperature for a while (until it feels slightly soft when you apply pressure on it with your hand), you can reach your preferred maturity level. Flat Peach is normally eaten fresh although it is also used in fruit salads and Sangria.